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Product Management interviews are filled with questions around your past experiences. One of the questions that often gets asked is related to defining and writing the product vision. It is not guaranteed that all Product Manager interviews will ask product related questions, but it is best to be proactive and have a general understanding. Product vision interview questions come in various forms.

Give us an example of how you defined the product vision at your current or previous company.

Walk us through how you would define the product vision for this product.

However, if this will be your first product…

Remote learning as the future of education frightens me.

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During World War II, as the men fought abroad, women had no choice but to take over their duties for sustenance. For the first time in history, women were working in defense plants, volunteering for war-related organizations, working as streetcar “conductorette,” along with managing their ritualistic household duties.

Women in uniform took office and clerical jobs in the armed forces in order to free men to fight. They also drove trucks, repaired airplanes, worked as laboratory technicians, rigged parachutes, served as radio operators, analyzed photographs, flew military aircraft across the country…

A Major Paradigm Shift For Success In Relationships

Undoubtedly, the biggest perspective shift in my life was surrendering to the idea of controlling things that are beyond my control.

I am going to do everything possible within my power to achieve this result, but not base my happiness on the outcome of the result itself.

I will give my all to fixing this relationship without any expectations from them to do the same.

The pandemic stopped me from exploring this new city, so I will focus on building up my skills. …

How I am building financial assets and wealth right after graduating

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At 21 years old, I had to do the unthinkable — track my spending in front of my mentors.

I was terrified for my mentor to see what I spent most of my money on — coffee, eating out, and wait for it — more coffee. No joke, I spent $298.50 on coffee in 4 weeks. In my defense, I had recently moved to a new city and wanted to check out all the cool local spots. So, it was valid, okay?

Jokes aside, the idea behind why I…

Calling out influencers, discussing body image + my personal tips that transformed my body

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My journey of body-consciousness started at around age 12 when one of my family members pointed out that I was “getting a bit chunky.” My natural response was obsessively googling things like:

  • How to lose weight
  • How to lose weight fast
  • Losing weight in 10 days

At that time, the whole idea of a holistic approach to fitness was not popularized on social media and the internet. This was also when thigh gaps and extremely skinny figures were idealized. No matter how much I ran and…

Last one is my personal favorite

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Medium is flooded with resources on how to create passive income and get rich-quick ordeals. With clickbait-y titles as shown below, many are led to believe that establishing passive sources of revenue and creating financial freedom is extremely easy.

Using The Japanese Concept Of Nature Therapy For Mental Clarity

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Practiced in Japan, shinrin-yoku literally translates to forest bathing. This word describes the practice of bathing in the forest atmosphere, or taking in the forest through our senses, as a form of therapy.

I have made it a habit to immerse myself in nature therapy as much as possible since I derive my momentous inspirations and deep solitude through connecting with the natural world. …

Too Afraid To Eat In the Cafeteria In Fear Of Sitting Alone

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Anyone that knows me personally will be shocked to hear this: I used to have a lot of social anxiety. Although I have managed to overcome most of my anxiety around social situations, it has been a long journey filled with self-reflection, rejection from others, and numerous highs and lows.

To provide you with a bit of an insight, I moved about 3 times in primary and secondary school. I moved cities, states, and even countries a couple of times. An individual with affinity towards belongingness, overcoming social…

All the books you need to become financially savvy

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Personal Finances

Becoming financially literate is one of the most important requirements to navigate the modern system because the tax codes, federal and local programs are made to favor the wealthy. Financial freedom leads to personal freedom, where money does not control your actions.

Growing up without guidance from family members around finances and other such life matters, books have become my mentors throughout life in different topics. Below-listed books are some that I base my personal finances around and can testify that they have helped me immensely!

  1. Think and Grow Rich —…

Getting Past the Victim Mentality

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I am at a weird age, where half of my friends are getting married and are in committed relationships, whereas other half are focusing on finding “the one” in the arena of romance and love.

Unlike college, most of the people that I hang out with now are in their late twenties consumed by the idea that if they don’t find someone (now!), they will end up doomed to be alone forever.

“Give up and just resign myself to a life of loneliness and disappointment” was the exact phrasing from one of my colleagues when…


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